Free Tango

Here you find the Tango Tunes, a short description and their individual download links.  They are tugged away in genre specific sections shown at the bottom of the page.  Click on the name and the page will pop up.

To “preview” a tune, click the arrow next to the speaker symbol under the song description and in a few moments the playback starts.  Convenient, n’est-ce pas?  If you like the piece you can download it by clicking the underscored name of the song.  The download window appears immediately.  I have recorded the songs at the highest quality level available in mp3; mostly at 320kps.   The file sizes range between 4 to 10 Mbite.

Here you go

Traspie Milonga Page 1

Traspie Milonga Page 2

Vals Page 1

Vals Page 2


3 responses

4 12 2012
Lawrence So

Thank you very much! I greatly appreciate and applaud your efforts to bring out the beauty of the music.

22 12 2012

I am glad you like my work… and I would like to have more people enjoy it… alas, there are not many people accessing my blog. Could, you tell me what you liked, how to improve the blog and how to attract more visitors?
Thanks Lawrence

23 12 2012
Lawrence So

Perhaps your home page should have music instead of having to make visitors look for it in the Collections links. Make it as easy as possible to find where the music is. It may be helpful to show before it was edited so they can hear the improvements. Since these songs are probably in public domain, you can advertise it as FREE TANGO MUSIC! You may want to try using YouTube as a place to put up these songs and you can add links to this web blog.

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