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Hello Tango People!

Hallo Tango Leute!

For my German speaking audience I have started a German site called Tadellose Tango Töne.  Klickt auf den Titel und die Deutsche Seite springt auf.  Die Übersetzung ist noch im Gange aber die Seite ist total funktionsfähig.


Hello Tango People!

How often have you searched for a particular piece of Tango music and once you found it there was no way of downloading it without revealing your Grandmother’s maiden name and her bank card number.

Here, at Tickled Tango Tunes it’s simple with no hidden tricks and nasty traps.  I am not clever enough to conjure up things like that.  I rather spend my time with dusting more of my favourite Tango Tunes.

Here you find a selection of my collection of dusted Tango TunesDusting.  Over the last centenary the sound quality our favourite  Tango Tunes has been affected by the wear of time.  One of my hobbies is restoring them, gently dusting them.  For a bit more details on this aspect click on My Way of Dusting.

Happy browsing, I hope you find something you like.  If you have a particular favourite, let me know and I will see what I can do for you.

Auf Wiedersehn

Amadeus Wolfgang Tangoduster


A Spanish version is its conceptual stage.  A link will be published soon.


Listen and download

The Tango music is tugged away in genre specific sections shown at the bottom of the page.  Click on the name and the page will pop up.  There you find  a short description of a Tango piece and its individual download links.

To “preview” a tune, click the arrow next to the speaker symbol under the song description and in a few moments the playback starts.  Convenient, n’est-ce pas?  However, you can’t download from  that link.

If you like the piece you can download it by clicking the underscored name of the song.  Again, a playback bar appears (this time generated by dropbox) and the music starts after you click the playback arrow.  For downloading, only right click on this bar and on the drop-down menu click on “Save Audio as” and follow your system’s download procedure.

Most of the songs I have recorded the songs at the highest quality level available in mp3; mostly at 320kps.   The file sizes range between 4 to 10Mbite.

Here you go, not too hard, is it?

Traspie Milonga Page 1
Traspie Milonga Page 2
Vals Page 1
Vals Page 2


Now. I have noticed (through the statistics program that shows the numbers of clicks, no other details) there are hundreds of you Tango lovers out there who visit this blog, per day.  I was wondering, why only so few leave a note or request.  Tell me and I will do everything possible.  A blog needs two components, someone to start it, and all of you out there to keep it alive.  I know, you like Tango music, the way I dust it, now, please do your bit.  It is most appreciated from a guy with skills, who wants the best possible Tango music for all to enjoy.  Thanks.


AND,  I have another passion…
the mad Philosopher, you could call in there,
if you want to read a bit of mind expanding stuff click here

7 thoughts on “Free Tango

  1. It was hard to find your blog in google. You should create
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    but contextual backlinks are the best type of backlinks.

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    • Very kind of you… :-) but I have no idea what you talk about :-( I really would appreciate your help and education. Thanks, let me know when and where, ciao Amadeus Wolfgang

  2. Wow! I really like the milongas on your milonga page.
    Looove milonga but – alas – the ones our dj’s play arenot always so great to listen to!

    How do I go about requesting your dusted tango tracks.

    Kind regards

    • Hi Bianca, nice name, it’s also the name of my granddaughter, she just turned seven.
      Yes, I agree, good old milongas are the best, in particular the traspie… and they very scratchy and a lot of work.
      In regards to downloading…have you tried following the description two paragraphs above?
      If you have downloaded the milongas from this site already go to the tag ‘Table of Collection” there I tell you how to get them. The easiest for me is, when you give me your email address, then I can send them to you as an attachment.
      Till next time
      Amadeus W.

  3. Thank you very much! I greatly appreciate and applaud your efforts to bring out the beauty of the music.

    • I am glad you like my work… and I would like to have more people enjoy it… alas, there are not many people accessing my blog. Could, you tell me what you liked, how to improve the blog and how to attract more visitors?
      Thanks Lawrence

      • Perhaps your home page should have music instead of having to make visitors look for it in the Collections links. Make it as easy as possible to find where the music is. It may be helpful to show before it was edited so they can hear the improvements. Since these songs are probably in public domain, you can advertise it as FREE TANGO MUSIC! You may want to try using YouTube as a place to put up these songs and you can add links to this web blog.

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