Tickled Tango Tunes

Best Quality Mp3 Tango Music Free Download

World Renowned for Tango Music

I aim to offer Tango Music
of best possible mp3 sound quality
hand-picked and expertly cleaned
to increase your joy
of Tango

Selecting and downloading is easy from my public Google Drive page where the songs are displayed by their file names; they are sensible, still, for detailed information go to Encoding on this site.  Clicking on Tango Music takes you to Google Drive. Listen to and download what you like.  No signing in, no cookies or redirections and all for free.

If you want to select songs by name, performer or composer, there is an alphabetical list on this website. Clicking on Collection will take you there.  The browser’s search function is opened by holding the control key and press F.

Can’t find a song?  Tell me on the contact page, and if I have them, I will upload them.


Some take Tango a bit more seriously…Can he Tango


PS:  While in Google Drive, have a listen to good Tango music with missing information in the Lost/found Folder.   If you recognise any of the pieces there let me know, your help will be appreciated by many.

PPS: Here are some links to other interests of mine, fairy tales and filosofies, for example.  Links to all of my websites are on the page My other Sites.

PPPS: Any thoughts on copyright, let me know, please.

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