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Here is the place for downloading Tangos. The titles are sorted alphabetically in six tables, which also show the significant musician and the file name which you need to click so you can listen to and download the song.  Click on one of the letter-groups below to get to that section of the table.

Titles   A — C     D — F     G — L     M — P     Q — S     T — Z

If you want to know the meaning of the file name, go to Encoding.

Can’t find a song?  Tell me on the contact page, and if I have it we will find a way to get it to you.  You wonder why the music is of such good sound quality?  Click on Dusting and you will find out.

This website has been running well and I have received good feedback over the years.
I am still passionate about Tango;  however and since I want to focus on other things,
I am looking for someone to take over this site.
Let me know me and we can discuss details.


Some take Tango a bit more seriously…Can he Tango

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