Tickled Tango Tunes

Free, best Quality Mp3 Tangos

Free Tango°

World Renowned for Tango Music of Best Mp3 Sound Quality
Why? Because they are dusted

Welcome to my website dedicated to Tango Music.  All songs are hand picked, individually cleaned from scratches and noise (dusted).  Check it out and hear the difference.

Selecting and downloading is easy.  No need to reveal Grandmother’s maiden name and bank card number.  You may know these details, and perhaps your Grandma wouldn’t mind, still, here it’s easy and free.  Of course, you can donate through PayPal, no pressure.


Too Easy →  For downloading songs of a particular style, click on Tango Music  and you will be taken to the Google Drive opening page, select the folder of your desired style by hovering your mouse pointer over its tab.  The download symbol appears.  Clicking on it downloads all songs in this folder.

The word tickled in the folder name means that the songs in there are cleaned, edited and dusted by me.  Those with z not-tickled are untouched. (They are there as backup.)

Still Easy → For individual songs, click on  Tango Music .  When in Google Drive click once on the folder tab to open it. Click on a song, the Google player opens.  The song should start after 3-5 seconds.  If not, click on play ►.  If you like the song, click on the download symbol   in the top right corner.

In Google Drive, all files are listed by their filenames.  I use meaningful File-Names, starting with an abbreviation of the important performer’s name and the shortened name of the piece.  On the page  Encoding of File-Names, you find out more about this topic.

For downloading specific songs try Normal Easy.

Normal Easy → By clicking on Collection you will be taken to lists on this website where songs are alphabetically ordered by their titles.  Please go to this page for further information.


Can’t find a specific song?  Tell me the songs you are looking for, contact me and if I have them, I will upload them.

And while you are in Google Drive, have a listen to good Tango music with missing information in the Lost/found Folder.   If you recognise any of the pieces there Let me know, your help will be appreciated by many.


For all those who take Tango a bit more seriously…Can he Tango

My intention is to give you Tango Music
of best possible mp3 sound quality
and increase your joy
of Tango

Above all, enjoy
Amadeus W. Tangoduster aka Tangoputzer

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