Tickled Tango Tunes

Free and easy Download of restored, mp3 Tango Music, Vals and Milonga

Free Tango

INSTANT download @ GoogleDrive

One click gets you to my folder with dusted Tango Music. You can download them all in one go. 

The songs are listed there, by their file-names, mp3 tags included.

Encoding of file-names  tells you all about it.

For more detailed information go to  CollectionThere you find the song title, the composer as well as the file-name.  The highlighted titles are available for download.  If one of your favourite is not highlighted, let me know.


For all those, who have a minute

Allow me to say, hello, welcome to my blog.  I am glad for your visit.  Enjoy your stay.

The purpose of this blog is to make the result of my work, dusting Tango music, easily and freely available to all.  It is the public display end of many thousands of hours of sound ingeneering work.

It is my intention to provide the best possible sound quality of music, for all dancers to enhance their joy when dancing and listening to it.

I would like to invite you to read more about the attitude behind my work under the tab DUSTING??

Furthermore, I have some Tango music, for which I do not have all information.  Go to Lost /Found and see if you know any of the pieces.  Let me know, that would be fantastic.


Amadeus W.

8 thoughts on “Free Tango

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    • Very kind of you… :-) but I have no idea what you talk about :-( I really would appreciate your help and education. Thanks, let me know when and where, ciao Amadeus Wolfgang

  2. Wow! I really like the milongas on your milonga page.
    Looove milonga but – alas – the ones our dj’s play arenot always so great to listen to!

    How do I go about requesting your dusted tango tracks.

    Kind regards

    • Hi Bianca, nice name, it’s also the name of my granddaughter, she just turned seven.
      Yes, I agree, good old milongas are the best, in particular the traspie… and they very scratchy and a lot of work.
      In regards to downloading…have you tried following the description two paragraphs above?
      If you have downloaded the milongas from this site already go to the tag ‘Table of Collection” there I tell you how to get them. The easiest for me is, when you give me your email address, then I can send them to you as an attachment.
      Till next time
      Amadeus W.

    • Hi Bianca… I know, my reply comes a bit late… I guess, you can download whatever you like from my blog. If there are particular songs that are not listed there, have a look at my Tango Table
      If You can find there what you like, I can either put it up on the blog or send it to you directly…
      Amadeus Wolfgang

  3. Thank you very much! I greatly appreciate and applaud your efforts to bring out the beauty of the music.

    • I am glad you like my work… and I would like to have more people enjoy it… alas, there are not many people accessing my blog. Could, you tell me what you liked, how to improve the blog and how to attract more visitors?
      Thanks Lawrence

      • Perhaps your home page should have music instead of having to make visitors look for it in the Collections links. Make it as easy as possible to find where the music is. It may be helpful to show before it was edited so they can hear the improvements. Since these songs are probably in public domain, you can advertise it as FREE TANGO MUSIC! You may want to try using YouTube as a place to put up these songs and you can add links to this web blog.

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