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At the moment, the music section of this site is under reconstruction after Google had lost all the data on my drive! …and it was never found.

The MEGA cloud drive, which includes a good audio player with a direct download facility, has been highly recommended to me.  Now, there are about 300 Tickled Tangos uploaded.  Clicking on Tickled Tango leads you to the MEGA cloud drive where you can listen to and download Tickled Tangos.  They are ordered in styles in six folders where they are displayed with their filenames, which is an abbreviation of composer and title.

Enjoy!  In the meantime, I will work 24 hours and still during the night to smoothen things out, a bit.

The written content and stories have remained unaltered.  When you click on Tickled Tangos here, you find out why they are called this way.

All the Tickled Tangos on this site have been first released before 1960, therefore, they are over 60 years old, hence free from copyright; the two-digit number at the end of the file name indicates the year.  They have been transferred from shellac and vinyls to CD and internet files and are in the personal possession of tango friends as well as myself.


The following is for those who search for a particular song (… but at the moment, the links don’t work!).  On this site, the titles are sorted alphabetically in six tables.  Click on one of the letter-groups below to get to that section of the table.  For sure there are people who can set up a search facility (pressing ctrl+F helps).  If you can, here is a job for you.

Titles   A — C     D — F     G — L     M — P     Q — S     T — Z

Can’t find a song?  Tell me on the contact page, and if I have it we will find a way to get it to you.

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