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Advance just never stops.

I discovered the cloud storage method and GoogleDrive.  It is so easy to upload and much easier for you to download. I rearranged the architecture of the complete site.

You can get there from the front-page FREE TANGO.  Once you are up there, you can download to your heart’s desire.  Before, I had about 30 songs up there, now, there are about 60. The songs are stored there with their file-names.

Most probably you will need to use the Tango Tables located under the tab COLLECTION to find what you are after.  If a song is not available, tell me your wishlist and I give those songs priority.

Any suggestions?


Amadeus W Tangoduster


Author: Amadeus W.

Ex-Ingeneer and Designer... ex-lecturer ... ex-German ... ex-ploring life's ex-pansive, ex-traordinary ex-cursion ... and a few more ex-thises and ex-thats ... still: passionate writer and Opa

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