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Massive Tango Vals Upload


As promised, I have uploaded quite a few Valses.  When I say “quite a few” I actually mean “many”.  I started this morning, for something to do.  Now it is 9 at night.  I uploaded 40 of my favourite Valses in one mammoth go.

The easiest you can find them, is when you go to my

my Tango cloud folder

and click on those with the most recent “Last modified” date.  I wish you enjoy them.

I have updated the list in the Valses page as well as in the Collection.  In the latter, I marked the file-names in pink.  Happy browsing.

From the statistics part of this blog I can see that you guys from all over the world, download my tickled Tango Tunes in great numbers.  It is my joy to see this and to know that they are played at milongas all over the world.  A BIG thanks for that to all of you, it feels REALLY great.


Amadeus W.


Author: Wolfgang

I am a passionate Tango dancer... seasoned well enough to let the music guide and dance as if no one is watching

2 thoughts on “Massive Tango Vals Upload

  1. Hey, Thanks for posting.

    I’m busy for the next few weeks. But I want to do an interview with you sometime for my YouTube channel and cover a few of the different tango styles.



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