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Hello Tango Friends.

After five years Tickled Tango Tunes receives many visitors.
My first wish, making my dusting work on Tango Music meaningful through distribution, has been fulfilled.  Many thanks to you all.

My second wish would be, for this blog to develop a pool of correspondence for Tango music.
Commenting followers on any related topic would be of great support.

I have a third wish… about that, later.


your enthusiastic sound duster

Amadeus W.


Author: Wolfgang

I am a passionate Tango dancer... seasoned well enough to let the music guide and dance as if no one is watching

2 thoughts on “Celebration

  1. Love your site Amadeus, and it’s a great service to share your collection online. I don’t know about the “pool of correspondence for tango” wish .. many tango forums and mailing lists are rather quiet, as apparently we are all rather to be dancing tango, than to talk about tango. Anyway the tango DJ’s group on Yahoo (https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/TangoDJ/info) has some good discussion about tango music and DJ techniques.

    • I mamborambo, I can feel the earth shake. I am glad you like my site… would you hit the advertising drum for me, a bit? By correspondence I mean: constructive criticism on the site, the music and the other topics. And also, if you have a wish of a piece, which is not part of the collection, yet. I appreciate your comment on rather dancing than talking. I agree wholeheartedly.

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