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New Arrangement in the Cloud

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Yes, I have uploaded another 80 Tangos Milongas.  The list has become quite long.  Therefore I have created two sub-folders ‘Valses‘ and ‘Milongas‘.  It will make it easier for you to find what you want and download.

And, I found a new gallery display.  They are all images of important Tango musicians.  When you hover with your mouse over an image it tells you the name of the person.

As a result of that I have decided to change the banner of  the website… the same will stay the same:

Tickled Tango Tunes


Amadeus W.


Author: Amadeus W. Tangoduster

English / Deutsch ------ I am a passionate Tango dancer... seasoned well enough to let the music guide … wishing for only a few dance partners who delight in dance as much as I do. ------ Ich bin ein passionierter Tango Tänzer... genügend gereift, um der Musik zu erlauben, mich zu leiten... wünsche mir nur ein paar wenige Tanz Partner, die sich am Tanzen genau so sehr erfreuen, wie ich.

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