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Google has discovered Tickled Tango Tunes!

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I am so excited!

Google has discovered Tickled Tango Tunes!

It discovered the CONTENT of Tickled Tango Tunes.

I noticed this when I was searching for a variation of a Tango song, which I had already uploaded onto Tickled Tango Tunes.  Since this song is not well known (but very beautiful),  Tickled Tango Tunes  was the only one, which came up.

That was a great surprise.  I am ready to pop a bottle of Champus.

Perseverance pays!



Amadeus W.


Author: Amadeus W. Tangoduster

English / Deutsch ------ I am a passionate Tango dancer... seasoned well enough to let the music guide … wishing for only a few dance partners who delight in dance as much as I do. ------ Ich bin ein passionierter Tango Tänzer... genügend gereift, um der Musik zu erlauben, mich zu leiten... wünsche mir nur ein paar wenige Tanz Partner, die sich am Tanzen genau so sehr erfreuen, wie ich.

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