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I guess, there is always somewhere some room for improvement.  Looking at my Tickle Tango Tune website, you wouldn’t think so.  However…

Finding a particular song is quite easy now, but downloading it… still, somewhat cumbersome.  At other sites, one just clicks on a tune and up it comes… Why haven’t I done that, yet?  There is a lot of repetitive work behind that.  I won’t bore you telling what it entails, except, if someone would ask.

What’s going on?  So far, songs, which are uploaded, are marked pink.

Slowly creeping in, you will find songs, which are marked in blue and italic.  They are the ones with direct links.  It can’t get easier than that. Or?  By the way: You can just listen to them, no need for downloading.  And it is still all for free.

Pop in and check it out.  When you follow the link, it will take you to the Table A – C, where the early changes are happening.


Amadeus W.


Author: Amadeus W.

Ingeneer, designer and potterer... German living in Australia ... exploring life's extraordinary journey ... and a few more thises and thats ... passionate writer, Tango dancer and Opa

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