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Hi to all you Tango fans

Tickled Tango Tunes is really rushing up.  Already twice as many visitors to last year.  Here is a list of the four top visiting countries and four at the end.  Thanks to all my Australian followers, per capita, you are by far at the top.
top 4 and 4 bottom countries Tickled Tango 2015
Interesting: I had ten times more German visitors on the site in English than on the one in German language.

Two of the countries at the bottom end are considerably small, but the other two have no reason for not to be captured by Tango.

Bahrain = 1.3 million

Thailand = 67 million

Sri Lanka = 20 million

Cyprus = 1.2 million

I would recommend we send Tango ambassadors to at least Bahrain and Sri Lanka.  Australia, with 24 million in habitants, could show them the way.

Above all, enjoy

Amadeus W. Tangoduster


Author: Wolfgang

I am a passionate Tango dancer... seasoned well enough to let the music guide and dance as if no one is watching

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