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Visitors of Tickled Tango Tunes

Hi to all you Tango fans

Tickled Tango Tunes is really rushing up.  Already twice as many visitors to last year.  Here is a list of the four top visiting countries and four at the end.  Thanks to all my Australian followers, per capita, you are by far at the top.
top 4 and 4 bottom countries Tickled Tango 2015
Interesting: I had ten times more German visitors on the site in English than on the one in German language.

Two of the countries at the bottom end are considerably small, but the other two have no reason for not to be captured by Tango.

Bahrain = 1.3 million

Thailand = 67 million

Sri Lanka = 20 million

Cyprus = 1.2 million

I would recommend we send Tango ambassadors to at least Bahrain and Sri Lanka.  Australia, with 24 million in habitants, could show them the way.

Above all, enjoy

Amadeus W. Tangoduster


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Bosnia & Herzegovina

It’s a small part of the world, have a look.  A beautiful country… spent some time there during my European period.

During the last week, I had over 50 visitors from there.  Almost as many as from the USA.  Comparatively speaking, there must be many Tango dancers there.


Amadeus W.

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Easy Selection and Download

I guess, there is always somewhere some room for improvement.  Looking at my Tickle Tango Tune website, you wouldn’t think so.  However…

Finding a particular song is quite easy now, but downloading it… still, somewhat cumbersome.  At other sites, one just clicks on a tune and up it comes… Why haven’t I done that, yet?  There is a lot of repetitive work behind that.  I won’t bore you telling what it entails, except, if someone would ask.

What’s going on?  So far, songs, which are uploaded, are marked pink.

Slowly creeping in, you will find songs, which are marked in blue and italic.  They are the ones with direct links.  It can’t get easier than that. Or?  By the way: You can just listen to them, no need for downloading.  And it is still all for free.

Pop in and check it out.  When you follow the link, it will take you to the Table A – C, where the early changes are happening.


Amadeus W.

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It just never stops

Hello Tango lovers

It was time to change the header image.  Hope you like it.

The Guardia Vieja Orquestra is one of the oldest well known, perhaps also, because there is a Guardia Nueva.  At the top of their site is a picture of a steaming bandoneon!  That’s the spirit.  Oops! just noticed, the Guardia Vieja site is in Spanish… that’s a bit of a challenge.

Most of the dancers of Brisbane and Sydney are well aware of contemporary orchestra Tango Paradiso, which started in 2001, the early days of Tango in Brisbane.

To celebrate the event I uploaded for you about 40 of my favourite milongas… not too fast.


Amadeus W.

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Google has discovered Tickled Tango Tunes!

I am so excited!

Google has discovered Tickled Tango Tunes!

It discovered the CONTENT of Tickled Tango Tunes.

I noticed this when I was searching for a variation of a Tango song, which I had already uploaded onto Tickled Tango Tunes.  Since this song is not well known (but very beautiful),  Tickled Tango Tunes  was the only one, which came up.

That was a great surprise.  I am ready to pop a bottle of Champus.

Perseverance pays!



Amadeus W.

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New Arrangement in the Cloud

Yes, I have uploaded another 80 Tangos Milongas.  The list has become quite long.  Therefore I have created two sub-folders ‘Valses‘ and ‘Milongas‘.  It will make it easier for you to find what you want and download.

And, I found a new gallery display.  They are all images of important Tango musicians.  When you hover with your mouse over an image it tells you the name of the person.

As a result of that I have decided to change the banner of  the website… the same will stay the same:

Tickled Tango Tunes


Amadeus W.



Hello Tango Friends.

After five years Tickled Tango Tunes receives many visitors.
My first wish, making my dusting work on Tango Music meaningful through distribution, has been fulfilled.  Many thanks to you all.

My second wish would be, for this blog to develop a pool of correspondence for Tango music.
Commenting followers on any related topic would be of great support.

I have a third wish… about that, later.


your enthusiastic sound duster

Amadeus W.