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Dusting Tango Music? 

Often, while dancing, I was pushed off my cloud number 7 by the shrieks and rumbling of the music or when scratchy crackles abraded my musical sensitivity.  I suffered.

Later, when asked to DJ, I realised, I could hardly fill an hour with music of a level of quality that I and some of my dance friends would appreciate.

I also believe, removing the dust and debris from music helps to resuscitate its spirit.

Why this blog? 

I like to make my dusted music available to all.  I would like to help to improve the quality of music played at milongas.  The thousands of hours work involved in dusting music make sense to be invested the more people use and enjoy it.

My music is uploaded to a cloud storage space called GoogleDrive.  There you can listen to the music and download easily.  At the moment you find there 60 pieces of music.  I have over 600.  Tell me your wish-list and I make preferences of what I will upload next.

The origin of my material is music directly from old records and digitised music, which has been cleaned up only incompletely.


I am not sure about the copyright situation.  Most of the music is more than 40 years old.  After working on a piece for several hours would have change it enough for copyright not to apply any longer.  Still, if anyone knows about such things and could tell if there are any problems and could suggest what to do about it.  I would very much appreciate it.

Who am I?

A seasoned Tango dancer, moved by the spirit in music, an engineer with experience in acoustics, sound recording and production as well as a musician.


Amadeus W T


PS: In case you want to know more about me, there is more.  Have a read through my written works blogs.  Together with other sites I like, some are listed under BLOGROLL on the right sidebar and under the tab My other Sites.


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