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Tango Titles T — Z

For finding your title on the page which is displayed in your browser window, pressing ctrl+f opens a word finder at the top right corner of the browser window.

At the moment only titles with their file names marked in blue and italic can be downloaded (in progress).  Clicking on it makes the Google media player pop up.  You may need to click the play ► button if the song does not start playing after a few seconds.  The download icon is at the top right corner of your browser window.

Can’t find a song?  Tell me on the contact page, and if I have it we will find a way to get it to you.

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Titles  T



Ta Petite Flamme Amélie-Les-Crayons Crayons_TaPetiteFlamme_VS^W
Tango 22 Ipkendanz & Álvarez T22_Tango 22^
Tango Barbaro Schifrin, Lola Schi_TBarbaro^Ws
Tango Lunaire Schifrin, Lola Schi_TLunaire^s
Tango Para Catalina Orchestre de Tani Scala Scala_Tango Para Catalina^s
Tango Pugliese Color Tango ColT_TangoPugl^
Tango triste Triolo, Anibal Troi_TangoTriste^
Tango Ydishe Fortuna (Brazil) Fortuna_TangoYidishe_F^s
Tanguedia III Piazzolla, Astor Piaz_Tanguedia III_N^
Tanguera Los Cosos LosC_Tanguera^s
Taquito Militar Ipkendanz & Alvarez
Taquito Militar Francini-Pontier Fran_TaquitoMilitar_M^+
Taquito Militar Mndez, Enrique Mend_TaquitoMilitar_M^
Tarareando Rodriguez, Fabian RodF_Tarareando_S^
Tardes Provincianas Milan, Emma Milan_TardesProvinc_V^W
Tiento Crudo D’Agostino, Angel D’Ago_TientoCrudo_MS^W+
Tierra Querida De Caro, Julio SanS_TierraQuerida^
Tigre viejo Fresedo, Osvaldo Fres_TigreViejo^W
Time Has Left Me 17 Hippies Hipp_TimeHasLeftMe_VS^W
Tinta Rocha Quarteto San Telmo QuaSTel_TintaRocha^W
Tinta Verde Di Sarli DiSar_TintaVerde^W
Tinta Verde Triolo, Anibal Troi_TintaVerde^s
Tiny Pugliese, Osvaldo Pugl_Tiny^W
Toccatango Cortazon, Julio Corta_Toccatango_^W
Todos Te Quieren D’Agostino, Angel D’Ago_TodTeQuier_M^W
Tomo Y Obligo Moshi & George Moshi_TomoYObligo^
Traiga Otra Cana D’Agostino, Angel D’Ago_TraigaOtraC^W
Transnochando Tanturi, Ricardo Tant_Transnochando^W
Tristezas De La Calle Cor Calo, Miguel Calo_TristDLCalCor_S^W
Tu Rodriguez, Fabian RodF_Tu_S
Tu Angustia Y Mi Dolor Rodriguez, Fabian RodF_TuAngustiaYMiDolor_S^
Tu Diagnostico Triolo, Anibal Troi_TuDiagnostico_VS^W+
Tu Olvido Cuarteto Palais De Gl CPal_Tu Olvido_V^W
Tu Pálida Voz Color Tango ColT_TuP lidaVoz_V^W
Tu Vieja Ventana Tanturi, Ricardo Tant_TuViejaVentana_VS^W+
Tu, El Cielo Y Tu Rodriguez, Fabian RodF_Tu,ElCieloYTu_S^W


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Un Copetin Rodriguez, Enrique Rodr_UCopetin^W
Un Placer Cuarteto Palais De Glace CPal_Un Placer_V^W+
Un Placer Luces de Buenos Aires LuBA_UnPlacer_V^
Un Placer Troilo, Anibal Troi_UnPlacer_V^W+
Una Fija Di Sarli DiSar_UnaFija^W+
Una Noche Mas Yasmin Levy- Yechiel Hasson Levy_UnaNocheMas_VS^W
Union Civica Biagi, Rodolfo Biagi_UnionCivica^W+
Union Civica D’Arienzo, Juan D’Ari_UnioCivica^W+
Uno Ugarte, Enrique Ugarte_Uno^


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Vals de los quince Anos Agnese Agn_VDLQuinAnos_V^W
Vals de los quince Anos D’Arienzo, Juan D’Ari_VDLQuinAnos_VS^+
Vals del Anniversario Agnese Agn_VDAniv_V^W
Valsecito Criollo D’Arienzo, Juan D’Ari_ValseCriol_V^
Valsecito de Antes D’Arienzo, Juan D’Ari_Valsecito De Antes_V^
Veni Amor Canaro, Francisco Can_Veni Amor_VS^W
Ventanita Florida Los Astros del Tango LosA_Ventanita Florida^W
Ventarron Luces de Buenos Aires LuBA_Ventarron^s
Ventarron Orquesta Tipica Victor OrVi_Ventarr¢n_S^W
Verdemar Manzi, Osvaldo Man_Verdemar^Ws
Vibraciones Del Alma Canaro, Francisco Can_VibraDAlma_V^W+
Victor Canada Canad_Victor^Ws
Vieja Amiga Laurenz, Francisco Lau_ViejaAmiga^W
Viejo Porton Biagi, Rodolfo Biagi_ViejoPorton_V^W
Viejo Rincon Luces de Buenos Aires LuBA_ViejoRincon^s
Viento en Popa Canaro, Francisco Can_VientoEnPopa_C^W
Viviani Carlos Di Sarli y orqu tipi DiSar_Viviani^W
Volver Fresedo, Osvaldo Fres_Volver^
Volvió la Princesita Carabelli, Adolfo Cara_Volvió la Princesita_VS^W
Vuelvo Al Sur Rodriguez, Fabian Piaz_Vuelvo Al Sur_S^


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Was bleibt 17 Hippies Hipp_WasBleibt_VS^


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Ya no cantas Chingolo Nuevo Quinteto Real NQR_YaNoCantChig^Ws
Yira Yira Luces de Buenos Aires LuBA_YiraYira^Ws
Yira Yira Ugarte, Enrique Ugarte_Yira Yira^
Yo Juan Jos‚ Giuchandut SanS_Yo^
Yo soy de San Stampo Fresedo, Osvaldo Fres_YoSoyDe_MS^W
Yo Tengo una Novia D’Agostino, Angel D’Ago_YoTengoUnaN_V^W+
Yunta de Oro Color Tango ColT_YunDOro^Ws
Yunta de Oro Pugliese, Osvaldo Pugl_YuntaDeOro^W


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Zapatitos de Raso Ledesma, Argentino Ledesma_ZapaRaso_M^W+
Zorro Gris Pugliese, Osvaldo Pugl_ZorroGris^s
Zorro Gris Rodriguez, Enrique Rodr_ZorroGris^W
Zorro Gris Tuegols, R Tuegols_ZorroGris^Ws

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2 thoughts on “Tango Titles T — Z

  1. What a find. I am going to do a Tango Exhibition in September and have been trying to find something to download. Itunes and Amazon went there first no luck. I found this site after a couple hours of looking. Greeat. I will donate to your later today. Back to work

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