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Over the years I have tried many programs for music editing and sorting.  Those on this page have stayed with me for years.  I tried to upload the program files to make it easy for you… but wordpress does not allow it.

The first is “Audacity” an open source music editing program.  It has  been very reliable, hardly any stalls or shut downs.  Some of the features could be better interfaced… click the link and it leads you to their download site… it’s for free, REALLY, no strings attached…. Audacity


There is one small problem, for mp3 conversion you need to download a Lame program.  Audacity tells you all about it.  Very clear instructions.

The second program is Mp3tag.  It is the best for sorting and editing tags.  I have been using it for years.  Mp3tag…. click on it and you find the download site… REALLY for free.  It would be nice if it had a beat counter.


The best I found is from MixMeister Technology… BMP analyser.  The direct free download does not exist any more.  You can download it from many download sites. If no luck, contact me and I shoot you a 637k ZIP folder across.


This one saved me a lot of time, is called Similarity.  It compares music files, those most common, flac, wma, and mp3.  Maybe a few more, but those are the ones I use.  It looks at the actual music.  It also compares the tags.

In the work area, it lists all the similar pieces grouped with a whole range of details, which you can select as you need them.

It is incredibly helpful cleaning up my archives, where I store music before I clean it.  It lets you play the music and edit the tags.  If you are a collector, you would not want to be without it.  Similarity

This is not a direct download from the producer, but download.com… see how you go.  I use the version1.1.0


There are two tag-finders I use, because they seem to refer to different sources.  One is MusicBrainz Picard.  It’s layout is great and permits detailed interaction.  Alas, they don’t have large resources for Tango music.  The other one is Free Music Tag Finder.  It’s interface is simpler, however, it gives more results.  Both work well and I never came to any bother about them being not really free.


There is a download side, which I often use, when the tag-finders don’t offer any results.  It’s called My Free MP3.  Unfortunatelly, the bit rate is often very low, too low for my purposes.  However, with the download, I get the tags.



Amadeus Wolfgang







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