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Vals Milonga Canjengue°

They are not mainstream Tango music.  Perhaps this is the reason why, in my opinion, they have remained more authentic to their original spirit.  Most of the music on this site fall in those three genres, it is the music of my choice.  When I am at a milonga, the times of rest are during tandas when “normal” Tangos are played.  It is almost impossible for me to resist a vals.  Why?

I love Valses

My cradle rocked in the North end of the Black Forest in South West Germany. Gee, how long ago was that? There, most of the folk dances were in the three-fourth beat of the Waltzer, slower than the Wiener (Vienna) Waltzer, but just like Tango Vals. At the fairground we would hop around to those rhythms, meaning, I am used to this movement since early on in life.

For me, a good vals has a tempo that supports the dancers, not too fast that it becomes a struggle to keep up, nor too slow that it stifles my joy. I guess I have a sense of what feels right. Sometimes, during the dusting process, I slightly adjusted the tempo of a piece (without changing the pitch) to suit. Tell me what you think.

There is more to it.

A good vals varies in tempo and in expression, it would slow down during a peaceful walking section (to give the dancer a rest) and then speed up again during the twirling parts. I think it makes sense and adds fun to the dance.

I also think and feel, vals creates a stronger connection between the dance couple. The emphasised beat is generally stronger than in other dance styles, and it invites to express this in the dance. I can hear it right now, and I hope you can feel some of the reasons for my passion.

Traspie Milonga

Yes, indubitably, Traspie Milonga is my second favourite Tango style.  I am inspired by the happiness of the music, which makes it easy for me to express myself in a gentle, mischievous ways and steps.

I enjoy the variation of rhythm; the pizzicato evoking the traspie and counterpoint movements and slower pace of the full beat inviting the flowing strides and twirls.

Once I uploaded enough of them, I will add a few faster Milongas… unless, of course, you ask for it.  By the way, traspie means to stumble.


It is a fun dance, and it invites me to a relaxed somewhat bopping dance style.  The speller of my writing program pulled me up on my spelling of Canjengue… it suggested Canyengue.  I browsed through the net and found that both spellings are widely used.  Since it is a Spanish word, I found the correct spelling to be Cañiegue.


When you click on the headlines of the chapters the link will take you to the page showing the collection in their individual genres.



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